13 Needles — Kimo lyrics

There's a man inside a hotel
Room with a gun in his mouth
And he smiles suddenly,
The memories come crashing in
Despite the fact that he's better
Off without her still images cloud
His mind to confusion just to bid farewell.

This space is for you
It can't be yours till it's mine
Just another record
Makes up for what you did
This old face that you
See it makes me sick inside
So pray that this would be another choice to decide
A part of inner collection
A taste of my affection
I try to get this for you
A patience for no one
(I'm waiting, what's taking you so long? )
And if you would just take me now
(Take me now)
I guess it's up to you
(Always has and always will)

A taste of myself
Another way to recite
And it feels so good
Just to know that I'm inside

I destroy myself
So take heed remember
How you were freed
I want to go to this place
Yet I don't know which way it is
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