50 Cent — Back Seat/tony Yayo lyrics

Feat. Tony Yayo (G-Unit))

[50 Cent]
Now play my Tony Yayo s**t

Yeah, 50 Cent
Tony Yayo
We gonna do it again

[Hook: repeat 2X]
Back seat of the Caddy truck or Tahoe
Back seat of the Benz truck or Expo
Back seat of X5 or Range Rov'
So when I pick you up, you know how this s**t go - hoe

[Tony Yayo]
Hey yo, my truck talk for me
If I was bummy and ugly
Your bitch'll still have love for me
As long as I push a truck, rims chunky
Never open my lips, your b***h wanna f**k me
Beep the air horn, hop in turn the heat on
Pick you up off the streets get your feet warm
She giving s** cause the Lex truck takes unleaded
Big thick thighs, eyes browner than Sahara deserts
Deuce-Deuce, b*****s, yeah they caught your eye
And them loud system full of bass and highs
You see that X5 bm
Packed with Puerto Ricans
Bad mommies on the low, just creepin
N****s be frontin like they bubbling coke
But they really struggling with a high car note, ha... (Yeah)

[50 Cent]
Might see me in the Jeep
Rollin' 'round 4 deep
And you know we on the creep
N***a, I'm holdin' it


[Tony Yayo]
Back seat of my truck lets swing an episode
F**k a hotel we have s** on the road
I pull the seats back
Put the sheets in the luggage rack
Pull out my balls
And play an Aaron Hall track
I tell a chick "Bend over, mami"
Hit 'em with the Henny d**k
Now my windows foggy
Its time to party, I got tv's, cd's and dvd's
Now b***h, get on your knees
You could be a model chick or a silly hood rat
Don't c** on my leather, don't stain my floor mats
Where's your baby mama?
She in the truck and I'm blessin her
Undressing her
Make her jump out for air re-freshener
I ain't stressing her
'Cause my rims keep checkin her
She's 21, my rim size older than her
Twenty two's

[50 Cent]
N****s say they want beef
But when they see me in the street
They don't slow down to speak
'Cause they know I'm holdin..

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