50 Cent — I'm Like God To You Niggas lyrics

I'm like God to you n****s x2
You n****s thought I was weak,... But
I'm like God to you n****s x2
When you get killed and put on tha street,...
I'm like God to you n****s

Yo, Indians, Milkies, Rap Game Junkies
This is tha time 4 you to put ya fuckin hands up

Yall weak a** n****s hoo claim they own tha street
Tha same n****s hoo can't break a beat
They soft
More like the cream in a poptart
Keep fuckin around and you'll look like a poptart
I'm 18 in this, doin my thang
Diamonds glowin up, wit this shiny pinky ring
I'm realest n***a you kno, i'll put you in ya place
Betta run and hide and hide find somewhere safe
[Chorus: X2]
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