50 Cent — I'm Like God To You Niggas lyrics

I'm like God to you niggas x2
You niggas thought I was weak,... But
I'm like God to you niggas x2
When you get killed and put on tha street,...
I'm like God to you niggas

Yo, Indians, Milkies, Rap Game Junkies
This is tha time 4 you to put ya fuckin hands up

Yall weak ass niggas hoo claim they own tha street
Tha same niggas hoo can't break a beat
They soft
More like the cream in a poptart
Keep fuckin around and you'll look like a poptart
I'm 18 in this, doin my thang
Diamonds glowin up, wit this shiny pinky ring
I'm realest nigga you kno, i'll put you in ya place
Betta run and hide and hide find somewhere safe
[Chorus: X2]
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