50 Cent — Man Down lyrics

[50 Cent]
Aowwww~! It hurts...
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah - yeah!!

D's tryin to plant a murder on me
In the precinct they sayin I done murdered homey
I told my lawyer I ain't heard of homey
And e'rybody know my ni***z buried him fo' me
You see I'm on your crib it ain't a burglary homey
They fin' to have me stuck in purgatory
I'm down to do the stickin when it come to the orgy
Conventional methods of s**, totally bore me
Wait~! I'm gettin sidetracked, back to the story
These cocksuckin [censored] got it in fo' me
[censored] they wanna [censored] me up
[censored] me find my burner and [censored] me up
But history repeats itself, they never learn
The Unit's the new people who gon' [censored]
Huh, we'll find out when ni***z let off the rounds
And this [censored] screamin [censored] down

Get in the way, I'll murder dem
I'll murder dem
A n***a already got three strikes, I'll murder dem
I said I'll murder dem
Any m**********are touch me, I'll murder dem
I'll murder dem
You don't believe me wait and see, I'll murder dem
You see I told you I'd murder dem

[50 Cent]
They sayin I'm an accident waitin to happen
I got one in the head, I'm just waitin to clap it
A pimp told me I was made for this mack s**t
So just get you a white girl, don't f**k with no black b***h
I got two felonies, from sellin that crack s**t
And the third one, came from showin ni***z my mac spit
See I'm down for that daytime action
Have ni***z crawlin under cars when I start to cappin
So they don't know what to say to the [censored]
But they know if word get back, somethin gon' happen
I've been shot, I've been stabbed, but I ain't been snitched on
When you snitchin where I'm from you gon' get your s**t blown
Southside - I make the best of the worst
We gotta share the same b***h, okay I go first
Cause your, baby's momma is my, baby's momma
I come through to see my little n***a with the llama

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