6 Fifty Per Shoe — Tugboat Song lyrics

Disclaimer: before you read the lyrics we would like to say that most of these words are not actually ours and are in fact from an old old old record but we don't know the name of it and therefore, are unable to give direct credit to the maker of this children's record. However, when played backwards, the records sends satanic messages so we definitely broke it. So that's how we came to make this song. Thanx for reading this discalimer.

Lyrics to the song here:

I am a tugboat sailing on the water doing a million things and more-just a little tugboat doing what I aughta tugging all the ships to shore-at night I sound my foghorn-in the day I ring my bell-??????(nobody actually knows what josh sings after this part, not even josh)---(whole song repeats again)
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