7 Seconds — Change The Key lyrics

I never bother anybody
I stick myself and keep my eyes set
Won't be the one to bring you down
'Cause it just wouldn't make me feel too great

Some people crave too much
Caused by someone, something, all for what?
A psychological trauma
Without a choice, sometimes that's all
You've got

Change my plans and my directions
I've gotta change the key that makes this person me

I've learned that patience is better
I take a breath and count real slow to ten
Why don't we try it together?
We'll make mistakes, get up and start again

Don't feel a need to be violent
I'm working with this rage inside of
And I will never be silenced
I'll try and use this rage to set me free

Change my ways and I'm still trying
It ain't easy but I'm not crying
Change my plans and my direction
I gotta change the key that makes this person me
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