A Bloody Canvas — You're Even Prettier Than An Autumn Night lyrics

It's been a long day writing cheap words on cheap paper
Napkins, just to throw them awaythe tension tied around
My tongue keeps me takling, but like a noose wrapped
Around my neck it claims the air from my lungs, or maybe
It's just your stare, that aelsv me breathless, that
Leaves me speechless, begging for a way to tell you it's
Been a long day writing your name on these pages, your
Name with this pen, but then I'll throw them away and
You'll never know, and I'll never tell you, there's
Something about the air you breathe, it brings about the
Autumn leaves, chanigng color on the ground, I'll never

Make a sound while I'm begging to be found by a stranger,
Fallen from the tallest tree, changing color on the
Ground, I'll never make a sound while I'm begging to be
Found by you you never even looked well now I'll wait for
The wind to blow me your way I'll wait for you to walk by
On your way back to me it's been a long day writing cheap
Words on cheap paper napkins, just to throw them away,
Biting my tongue while I'm biding my time, all along we'd
Walk the same thin line I'd better not fuck this up, it's
Been a long day...
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