Above This Fire — Reaction lyrics

Today will not leave me in ruins from here on out,
I'll stand my ground for what it's worth I'm all that I have and
I know that I've let this go way too far this time so bury it all so deep inside
And make sure it won't stop my heart
I will fight this war on my own terms so when you're down what will be your reaction?
For the life of me,
I will prove to myself that I'm so much more than you say
I can't see the light at the end of the line that's why
I keep going I won't go falling apart so when it all comes down
That will be your reaction the daybreak of tomorrow gives me another chance
I know the hour glass is running empty the daybreak of tomorrow gives me another chance
Cause I will take control and I will make it out alive right now,
I will take the first step and start changing my life
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