Acid Drinkers — Hell It Is A Place On Earth lyrics

My house is burning, walls are falling apart,
Desolation, and I'm a fool, I'm not gonna
Escape from flames. And why!!!
The ground scalds and I'm a blockhead
I'm gonna shout: Help!!
Breath of the beast on my back
I'm not gonna shout: help!!!
And palace cracks, full of suckers
I'm proposing linch law, a linch law.
Hell it is a place on earth (x2)
Vodka grows dear, russian mafia
Clergly irritate me...
Texcollectors pursue me and I'm a fool
I'm not gonna hide anywhere, anywhere
And Belveder cracks, full of suckers...
Hell it is a place on earth (x4)
It is a place on earth.
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