Adam Harvey — I've Been Loved By The Best lyrics

Darling if you ever leave me
Well I'll just put my heart away
I couldn't love again believe me
No one could please me anyway
And if another ever came along
I'd just turn 'em down 'cause after all

I've been loved by the best
I won't settle now for less
Why bother with the rest
I've been to the top I guess
With you I have been blessed
I won't take nothin' less
I've been loved by the best

If you ever get tired of me
Well I won’t look for someone new
'Cause lookin' back on how you loved me
No one could measure up to you
And if they tried to win this heart of mine
I'd just have to say 'Don't waste your time.'

When I look into your eyes I know
You're the only love that I'll ever want
'Cause after you and me baby I can see
No one else could be even close
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