Aendiaena — Right Out Of Here lyrics

Summerґs gonethe leaves come tumbelinґ down
This picture of you pretendґs Iґm not alone
In my restless mind one melody
Itґs the song that we sang in ardency
You know I am the one
You could come running to
I wish I could be here
ґcause youґre the only one that I want
Back were we started
So come to rescue my heart
I send my lovinґ
Right out of here

Call me up
I know I will survive
Just a fool of lovewish to keep up the fire
And this fool I am and want to be
On a bed of nails youґre finding me
You know I am the one you could come running to

Wish you could be here
ґcause youґre the only...

Summer lovinґ always has to end
ґthought it seemed to be
Like heaven sent
When the one you dearly want is so
Far, far away

With a photograph held in your hand
Of the one you loved
There in the sand
You think about the life you could
Have spent close togheter
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