Afflicted — Spirit Spectrum lyrics

My veins begin to freeze
As I adapt to cryogenic sleep
Slowly losing consciousness
In the grasp of high-technology

I'm falling through the scrying window
Spinning through a spheric world
Confluent, psychedelic
Flashing visions clear

Holographic, schematic
Molecular, reversal
Transmutation, acceleration
Access access access to myself

I am on a journey
Through the sanctum of myself
I am searching
For the secrets of my soul
I am experiencing
The depths of my mind
I'll find entrance to inner dominion

I chase myself through the maze
Just to find what's in it
Facing the mirror of emotions
The spectrum of my spirit

Revive memories, impale oblivion
I am present, in my own mind

Seconds freeze, vacuum time
Reality denied
Collapsing mind, trapped inside
Forever I will die?

I am running mindless through the maze
As I face the entrance to the gate
Behind the gate there's just another maze
This is eternity, I am forced to face
I see the image of my spirit spectrum
Every color has turned black or grey
There are no limits to how much a soul can suffer
I will experience for an eternity
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