Against All Authority — Killing The Truth lyrics

Conspire to control The masses is your goal But we're watching you The lies we've bought you've sold Who's your next patay And every grassy knoll and bell tower too We've weighed the evidence and what we conclude is Speak till you're blue in the face The lies caught up to you He was the victim of a murder conspiracy Unite the black and white But we'll never believe you A peaceful man with a broken dream to And speak out against a useless fight in Vietnam then the business man said We can't have you interrupting our plan to Kill all the hippies boost the economy And to control our freedom of speech If you stir things up you'll be put to sleep In the land of the free By the bureau of investigation They'll plan your annihilation We'll put the blame on a lesser figure The click of a sniper trigger Fuck the First Amendment Act To confuse and distract Another victim helps pave the way for you One bullet made to many holes it's true The things you've made and the things you'll do to the You can't be trusted. And we can't undo Authority we've given to you Do you think I'm trying to undermine the Or did you take it when you killed the truth
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