Against All Authority — Stuck In A Rut lyrics

Stuck in a rut with no way out Cause of a time when things are all about And the complacent didn't ask questions And fit the image bound straight for disaster Being better way back then Enslaved and misled So bow down to your master By the lies that you've been fed As you lay there in deceit Caught up in your prefab dream The molds been forged for you Compliments of the red,white and blue To scared to break away If you live your life today And fuck this American way What will they think? What will they say? Disease! This Disease! With shit up to my knees!! Today is day I'm gonna break out Spreading across the nation from to filthy sea Just slavin away at the repetitious mass decay I did it yesterday and I'll do the same again Stay ahead from the sickness that falls on me So I lessen myself just to stay free I wanna run through the streets and give a shout I was choking from a victim right from the start Cause I'm in control of my destiny Can't take my heart and soul away from me You can use my body, but you
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