Against All Authority — Toby lyrics

Toby was a friend of mine
I met him back in school
We had a bottle of liquor
And a skate board ramp

There was nothing else for us to do
We got ourselves in and out
Of trouble every fuckin' day
We had C.S.I. and outdoor suspensions

For all the games that we would play
Sometimes I feel like it's my fault
Not a day goes by
That I don't see his eyes

I'll never understand
The choice that Toby made
Why did he die?
Why did he die?

Why did he die?
Summer rolled around,
I spent my nights getting drunk
And staying out late

Toby lived on the other side of town
I didn't see him all summer
So I couldn't wait
To see him when school let in

I could believe what my friend said
Their words still echo in my head
Toby's dead
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