Agent Orange — The Truth Should Never Be Concealed lyrics

I feel alright - that's what it's all about
The truth is going to blow your mind without a doubt
Let me tell you a tale - a story so bizarre
And yet it's true - they pulled the plug
But it's not over yet
I've still got my guitar
No time to waste - no secrets to reveal
No lie ''cause this is it
I'm telling you exactly how i feel

The truth should never be concealed
Nothing stops the spinning wheel

I'm freaking out - i know it sounds absurd
But i've got to put my life out on the line
With every word
I'm at the top - i'm eighteen stories high
I'm on the edge - but i'm not gonna to fall
You know i've got to live before i die
I'm breaking out - through walls of solid steel
I'm only gonna say it once
So listen close - now here's the deal

The truth should never be concealed
This is live and this is real
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