Alice Peacock — Secret Love lyrics

Oh sweet forbidden love
I remember when I saw you first
It hit me like a light

You were placed upon this earth to keep me safe at night

Oh sweet forbidden love
I can't pretend it wasn't real
Or something to regret
'Cause your memory is one that I just can't forget

Well you must have found a space

Deep inside my mind

Guess it's possible to love many times within your life

And I know that it's not right
And I know that it's not fair

But my secret love you'll always be there

Oh sweet forbidden love
You were always there to make me laugh
You brigthened up the day
I never meant to hurt you in any way

Oh sweet forbidden love
Believe me when I tell you that
You're beautiful inside
And your love for life is something you should never hide
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Songwriters: ALICE PEACOCK
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