Alice Peacock — Some Things Get Lost lyrics

I dialed your number on the phone yesterday
Thinking you would answer and then I remembered
A conversation we had, had not so long ago
Talking about our love, why we let it go
We both agreed the timing wasn't right
You said something I'll never forget that night

Some things get lost, some things just disappear
But not my love for you, I'll keep that close and near
Some things just fade like scars and dreams
But I’ll keep your heart right here with me

You said you'd realized in life that chances pass you by
And what you thought was yours, slowly fades before your eyes
And part of growing up is that you can't go back in time
You have to live with your regrets, the things you leave behind
We agreed to be the best of friends
“Let's talk real soon, I gotta go”, you said

Flying to Seattle when I heard the news
I can't believe you're gone, not the light I knew
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Songwriters: ALICE PEACOCK
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