Allyptic — October Leaf lyrics

Dear you
I write goodbye
My final cry
To let you know I'm sorry

My tears
Fall endlessly
If you could see
If only you were here now

To rescue me
From all this pain
It's all the same
There's nothing left but sorrow

Gazing in my pool of tears
My reflection disappears
Like a leaf could never stay
October comes and I drift
I'm crumbling away

Need you
I call your name
All in vain
If only you would listen

Too late
I come undone
My soul is gone
If only you would save me
Come save me


Sifting thru the sands of time
Remembering when I was mine
A little girl who once was free
Imprisoned by reality

I leave these words for you to see
The echo of my lifelong scream
Sincerely yours i'll ever be
I enter now the scarlett dream


I'm crumbling away
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