Altar — I Spit Black Bile On You lyrics

I laugh in your face
Did you really think I have changed
Well I can assure
This time it's even worse
It boiles in my veins
Do you think I would forget
It never went away
I hate you day by day

I laugh in your face
A sarcastic point of view
Creates new energy
To mock your emptyness
I'm your regular
Your daily pain on your back
I never go away
I fuck you every day

I persecute you - I annoy you
I mandate you - And I enslave you

It's your problem, not mine
Profile weakness, in books

Mistakes, run outs, plagues divine
Don't seem, to help, much for you

I spit black bile on you
Embitter your Christian life
I spit black bile on you
Spoil your eternal joy
I spit black bile on you
Destroy your Christian lie
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