Alvin Stardust — So Near To Christmas lyrics

So near to Christmas
I can picture Christmas day
So full of memories
But, this year it won't be the same
There's no mistaking,
It gets colder every day
So near to Christmas
And yet, you're so far away
So many parties
That we're both invited to
I won't be going – without you
There's nothing I wanna do
No celebrations, and no games I wanna play
So near to Christmas
And yet you're so far away

All my friends have called and phoned
They know I'm on my own
I'll be sitting at home, thinking of you
Hoping that you, hoping that you'll be missing me too

So near to Christmas
And the children count the days
I see their faces, and remember
When I used to dream that way
My heart is aching, because your card arrived today
So near to Christmas
Darling you'll be far away
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