Amazing Rhythm Aces — Della's Long Brown Hair lyrics

A successful operation
I cut my conscience loose for a while
Was no ticklish situation
The girl just made me smile
She said she didn't love me
I said I didn't care
Then I became entangeled
In Della's long brown hair
She said she didn't hate me
She just had another man
But I would not be denied
She soon gave in to my demand
And lovin´makes lovin´
She soon learned to care
And she let it down around me
Dellas long brown hair

Well the time before the last time
Is the sweetest time you know
So I stayed till it was past time
And I knew I had to say goodbye and go
Then I kissed her for the last time
She was leanin' down the stairs
And I felt it fall around me
Della's long brown hair
I still feel it fall around me

Dellas long brown hair
Dellas long brown hair
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Songwriters: SMITH, RUSSELL
Della's Long Brown Hair lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.