Amber — One More Night lyrics

One.... Oh baby I'm waiting.... X6
One more night
Show me things that I never knew
This night it felt right to be near you
One more night
Give me all I want and some more
Oh baby I'm waiting

One.... Oh baby I'm waiting.... X6

Something in your eyes told me to stay
I don't know if I seen it right
But to see you this way makes me say "Oh baby I do"
One more night this time
I hold your body very close to mine
You make me feel the tenderness (**you have)inside of you
So tell me the reason that it's....
Oh baby I'm waiting X6

I wanna feel the grind
Feeling your heart beat close to mine
Go on and drown me in your magic and your passion
Oh baby I see why.....
Chorus 2
Chorus 1
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Songwriters: COLLINS, PHIL /
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