American Steel — Lonely All The Time lyrics

Every place I've been's a shimmering sea
Of degredation
And all their eyes are drying blood
Over my midnight shoulder
I could pity their vain ignorance
To the ever incurable
I'm choking down all of this desperate sense
Either way I've been to some darkest places
And there's little point in sweet talking me

I'm lonely all of the time [x3]

I wore a red carpet overcoat
So you could complete your task in style
And I crossed my eyes one million times
To pretty your smile
I poured sincerity on your words
So they were dripping with meaning
And your crocodile tears were salty enough
Your soul's a cannibal woman
And there's little point in sugarcoating you

I'm lonely all of the time [x4]

You taste like last night
You smell like tomorrow morning
You look like you'll just eat me alive
Once I resuscitate you
And I'm gonna (hey) resuscitate you
I'm gonna resuscitate you
Resuscitate you

Lonely all of the time [x3]
Lonely [x5]
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