Ana Johnsson — The Way I Am lyrics

I've been messed up
Tossed around
I've been flying high just to
Get knocked down
Always kept my feet on solid ground
I'm a sinner, I'm a saint
I've been creeping down the fast lane
I'll rush this life at my own pace

I'll race you down the highway
So beat me if you can
Life's the game that I play

That's the way I am
That's the way life goes
This is who I want to be
And that's the way it's gonna be
That's the way I am
Baby this I know
In all of this insanity
I'm everything I wanna be
That's the way I am
That's the way I am

I'm known to be wrong, when I'm right
I'm colorful in black and white
I'm a beam of sunshine in the night
I'm a snob, i'm sleaze
I can make a fire freeze
I come and go just as I please

So baby this is my way
To make you understand
Life's the game I play
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