And That's How You Wrestle A Bear — Pop Disaster Queen lyrics

I know I'm quiet
It doesn't mean that I'm shy
Watching words
As they fall from the sky
Can't you see how I've been mislead
I think somethings in my eyes
I thought I saw you with another guy
You threw away all the time that we spent

Please don't leave
Cause I need you honestly
Baby will you spend the night
I'll be your yours and you'll be mine
Taking back
The words that you said
You were mad
I'll be here alone in bed
And you'll be with him in stead

Give me the cold shoulder
Or kiss me goodbye
I taste the poison in your lies
You stepped to far this time
So now I'm drawing battlelines
Call it off cause that's what I need
I know I was with you in a dream
Your my pop disaster queen
And now your burning down the scene
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