Angry Samoans — Homo-Sexual lyrics

Screw your wife in the behind
Tell your kids you're doing fine
Goddamn no good stupid liar
Sucking dick your pants on fire

Homosexual - up the ass
Homosexual - make it last
Homosexual - jerk me off
Homosexual - go get lost!

Found out that your dad was gay
Living life a brand new way
John Lennon was a queer
He screwed Brian up the rear

Homosexual - I'm one too
Homosexual - so are you
Homosexual - kill Dan White!
Homosexual - was it right?

Don't like boys, you like girls
Living in your faggot world
Talking shop with lawyers' wifes
Sneaking out to meet the guys

Homosexual - I'm ashamed
Homosexual - that's your game
Homosexual - where's the blame
Homosexual - I can't explain

Homosexual - we love you
Homosexual - up the ass!
Homosexual - Darby Crash
Homosexual - make it last
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Songwriters: FALWELL