Ani Difranco — Untouchable Face lyrics

Think i'm going for a walk now
I feel a little unsteady
I don't want nobody to follow me
'cept maybe you
I could make you happy you know
If you weren't already
I could do a lot of things
And i do

Tell you the truth i prefer
The worst of you
Too bad you had to have a better half
She's not really my type
But i think you two are forever
And i hate to say it but
You're perfect together

So fuck you
And your untouchable face
And fuck you
For existing in the first place
And who am i
That i should be vying for your touch
And who am i
I bet you can't even tell me that much

Two-thirty in the morning
And my gas tank will be empty soon
Neon sign on the horizon
Rubbing elbows with the moon
A safe haven of sleepless
Where the deep fryer's always on
Radio is counting down
The top 20 country songs
And out on the porch the fly strip is
Waving like a flag in the wind
Y'know, i don't look forward
To seeing you again soon
You'll look like a photograph of yourself
Taken from far far away
And i won't know what to do
And i won't know what to say

Except fuck you...

I see you and i'm so perplexed
What was i thinking
What will i think of next
Where can i hide
In the back room there's a lamp
That hangs over the pool table
And when the fan is on it swings
Gently side to side
There's a changing constellation
Of balls as we are playing
I see orion and say nothing
The only thing i can think of saying

Is fuck you...
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Songwriters: ANI DIFRANCO
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