Anne Murray — The Call lyrics

It's a long distance phone
And I feel so alone
Here without him

It's a crime and a shame
That I ain't got the change
And don't you know that
I'm worried about him

I've been all over street
Every street, up and down
Looking for the man

It's just a face in the crowd
Where the traffic roars loud
But don't you know, he'd be
Proud to give a helping hand

Mister, can you
Fnd it in your heart
To lend me a dollar
For the times have been slow
I'm fresh outta dough
And I ain't got the
Money to call him

I threw my pride out the door
Cause I've been turned down before
But I'll keep trying

This kind of pain is
Kind of hard to explain
But the feeling's the same
As like dying

[Repeat chorus]

You put the change in my hand
You're the world's kindest man
And I thank you, Sir

You'll never know what you've done
For this poor mother's son
A thirsty man just got a
Cold cup of water

[Repeat chorus 2x]
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Songwriters: GENE MAC LELLAN
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