Annie — Maybe lyrics

Maybe far away
Or maybe real nearby
He may be pouring her coffee
She may be straightening his tie!
Maybe in a house
All hidden by the hill

She's sitting playing piano

He's sitting paying a bill!

Betcha they're young
Betcha they're smart

Bet they collect things

Like ashtrays, and art!

Betcha they're good

Why shouldn't they be?

Their one mistake
Was giving up me!

So maybe now it's time
And maybe when I wake

They'll be there calling me "Baby"


Betcha he reads
Betcha she sews
Maybe she's made me
A closet of clothes!
Maybe they're strict
As straight as a line...
Don't really care
As long as they're mine!
So maybe now this prayer's
The last one of it's kind...
Won't you please come get your "Baby"


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