Ant Banks — Can't Stop lyrics

Aight, one O this E Fizee
I gotta, I gotta thank my math teacher 'Count Dracula'
Who just teaches a brother how to, you know
Count his marbles, you know....what about you?
(Mack 10):
You see I can't stop I won't stop til I check a mill
I need a super bad bitch and a house on the hill
365 seven days I believe crack pays
My estates been guarded by pitbulls and AK's
I'm straight cookin' them thangs movin weight like I should
Cause a nigga livin good don't mean he went Hollywood
Dog I practice my craft so each year I get better
To stay ghetto and clever and be richer than ever
Fonzarelli man I thought you was a rebel I am
But tell me this then: why you move up out the ghetto?
Motherfucker I am the ghetto I beg your pardon
Nigga I was grindin tryna take niggas heads off
Flossin and fuckin hoes when you was kindergarden
Nigga this ain't 'Lenny
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