Arcwelder — Treasured Island lyrics

(music: arcwelder lyrics: S. Macdonald)
Try to do a favor it catches up later when I don't give a mile
Write a little note murder's all you wrote why don't you put me on trial

Ok I know that I am wrong

Really like to walk the talk that I talk but you make it so hard
Didn't want to hurt you selfish not a virtue I played the wrong card

Oki know that I am wrong

But it's not my fault
If your treasured island
Won't open up
To be filled with your love

Guess that I will punt after your little stunt drove me away
Odds are getting thin I lose and you win that's what you want me to say

Ok I know that I am wrong

Rather be a help not your little whelp not a curse but a friend
End of my rope I can only hope things work out in the end

Ok I know that I am wrong

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