Armen — Snap Your Fingers lyrics

Verse 1:

Wanna dance, wanna drink, get this party started
On the floor, want some more, I got what u wanted
What I wanted
Girl you got it
There's no doubt you're the one for me

Pre Chorus:

All I want
Girl really all I want
Is with you
Till the end of time
You're the one
You've always been the one
I wanna spend my life with you


Snap your fingers
Move your feet to the left, right
Get your party on tonight
Snap your fingers
Celebrate the reason why were here

Verse 2:

Whatcha want, watcha need
I can make it happen
Everything that you want
I can get it poppin
All I need is your loving
I'm so glad that I found you

Pre Chorus: Repeat

Chorus: Repeat


Get, get, get, get, get on the floor
Take, take, take, take, what u really came here for

I could never live without you baby
Girl you're my world
There's nothing I want more

From this day on I promise you
My baby, I'll always be true
Cause my hearts only for you

Chorus: Repeat
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