Artificial Joy Club — I Say lyrics

Blah, blah, blah
The V chip on my tongue's gone berserk
One channel left
I hope you like my talk show network
Can dress me up
Can't take me out
I'll make you squirm
Without a doubt
I say what I feel, it gets me into trouble
I feel what I say, I don't care anyway
I do what (who) I like, it doesn't make me humble
I like what (who) I do, it's just my attitude
Steven Austin and I both have bionic mouths
His saves the world, mine just spews whatever out
Sometimes my foot gets really stuck
Inside my mouth
I don't give a fuck
(repeat chorus)
Hey badabing, hey badaboom!
My lines don't come on silver spoons
You don't get refunds when you buy my brand of etiquette
(repeat chorus)
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