A.Tone Da Priest — My Angels lyrics

It’s the light I see, they tryna keep from me
The sheet over my eyes, seem these demons will not sleep till the
Last of my soul, out of my control sick and corrupted
Must this evil constantly be so real? I feel I’ve have enough of it
On the cusp of this disaster, actors fill roles in my life
But they all received a script, while I was unaware of the writing
On the wall, in all the time I spent trying to be kind and righteous
This fight been carrying on, they trying to push until I might just
Digest the hate, turn away from the pearly gates
Yet there’s something tryna disrupt him before it’s just simply too late
My escape from here been plotting, there’s no appeal when everything’s rotten
It’s funny how they still reach out to aid when I never sought them
It’s not man alone that’s so misguided on this Earth
But the circumstances by chance in, got us twisted, cursed from birth
I don’t need no church, to open up my mind to angels singing down
Erasing frowns, rounding the chosen up, cause, we leaving now
[Verse 2:]
Oh lord, please save me, I’m lost I can’t prey see
The devil is on my back, when I close my eyes I see the flames wreak
Havoc in my mind, got out of line and became hopeless
As if my days as a slave to the great big world were going to slow, yes
I know that it’s all in me, for the light I am a soldier
Was sent to keep the torch up in the dark and the warmth for colder
Hearts, I departed on my mission money molded me
And sold me these dreams of a world of silver grass and golden trees
I was told to keep my head up but was unsure of the reason
All the bad and negativity got me crass and disbelieving
In a reason, for going on besides material things
Cause I lost my motivation, so unfulfilled by what this brings
Tryna spread my wing, the angel in my soul been so neglected
In this cold world, lost in this phase of my life so hectic
Left me so affected, but still whole with the slight chance to repent
Feel my body rising, so alive in me the angels were sent
Sometimes on this road we get lost
Misguided by the demons attempting to grab on our souls
But if you stay on the path
Leave your mind on the goals
Driven by positive and not evil
We shall all fly home
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