Aurora — New God Rising lyrics

[Music: Vestergaard - lyrics: Frolund]

Greatest species on Mother Earth
Were you and I
I greeted hallucinations and you holy survived
I seek meaning of life I walked wind and fire
We created a world so fertile that we someday could feed
Our forthcoming children and later watch them bleed
I was fragile and naive and comfortably numb present
I pinned a dead faith to a lifeless yellow blessing
Forced the highest dignity
Through a self-hand-made divinity
Who was Untouchable and mighty as a king
But weak as my sex and my sin
I was enlightened by fear Capture of solemn tears
Endeavour of infinity Devoted to philosophy

[Solo: Broberg]

I crushed the ancient mirror and created a new one
Manufactured my own God machine
Based on mortal men philosophies
Pinned my life to this God machine
And killed the artifical one Now everyone I knew is Gobe

[Solo: Vestergaard
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