Austin Taylor — Push, Push lyrics

Push, push, push, push, push
Push, push, push, push, push

Push, push
You got to give a lover some
Push, push
You know what I'm talking of
Push, push, come on and
Baby, don't be a fool
You gotta push
Yada yada yada ya

Hey, pretty baby
Don't be so shy
Come on and show me
That I'm your guy

Hold my hand
We're gonna take a walk
Don't be bashful
Talk that talk

[Repeat chorus]

See that little robin
Sitting on that branch
Push that other robin
Into sweet romance

Look at that hummingbird
Kiss that bee
Don't be bashful
Come and kiss me

[Repeat chorus]

Ooh, look at that moon
Hugging that old sky
Look at the star
Winking it's eye

Come on, baby, can't you see
That old star's telling
You and me to

[Repeat chorus]

Oh, oh, oh, yeah
Push, push, push...
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