Avail — Mccarthy lyrics

I tried to breath but I wouldn't
I think it's gonna catch up one day
One chance to reshape wrong
Backtrack out of the shell
One more chance to understand
To be a different way
And I hope that it won't take long
It's time to rotate
In the right direction
And reshape imperfection
You smother me
All I see around is changing
Making it tough to stay I've twisted thoughts to words
The ground I knew
Looks different from inside
But the path out is far too wide
To decide today
But somewhere i'll find my place
-try moving-
I tried to leave but I couldn't
I think i'll try again someday
And baybe i'll make it work
I'll plan my route but not think it out
Drop out of sight and ease on out
I'm gonna find my way
And someday i'll make it work
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