Azhirock — Annihilated Lucifer lyrics

We face the worst
Taste the rotten
Embrace fate
Hate to be forgotten
Azhirock rules
Rock Empire
Angels in hell
Dance in cage of fire
Surfing the crowd
Dive on Maggots
Growlin' so load
Hunt in brutal blackout
Gotta head bang
Gives me power
Dignity sucks
Filth they will be showered

Oceans are set aflame
Now hell is ignited
Rise of cemeteries in rage
Military of rock allies united

Neutral change
Move to zero
We never need
A supernatural hero
Reality lies
Truth is cheatin'
We can't STOP
Hear the bass's beatin'

You are gonna be your ripper
To the roarin' distortion
Annihilated Lucifer
From the evil among his creations

Praise be to you, someone I never knew
We justify all that we like to do... promise
Don't give it up, carry on to the end
Blood shall be paid, cut this vein of the dead
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