Aztec Camera — Killermont Street lyrics

Words and music by roddy frame

Vocals & guitars roddy frame. keyboards & programming rob mounsey. drums
Steve jordan. bass will lee. produced by rob mounsey and roddy frame.
Engineered by richard alderson and kevin halpin.

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As the city asleep
Shares it's dreams and desires
Every wish that we keep
Will trace a line to other times, other places
Though the song of the proud
Howls and dies, never fall for defeat
Take a trip to reprieve
Every hour they leave
From killermont street

Drink a drink to before
And our memories spill
Adding on as they pour
From our saturdays and secret sensations
Drink a drink to tonight
Whisky words tumble down in the street
With the pain that they cure
Sentimentally yours
From killermont street

And with collar upturned
I made it south to see
That the love I had spurned
Was just the hate in me

As the ships and the steel
Slip away to the cry of 'compete'
There's a message for us
We can get there by bus
From killermont street

Songwriters: FRAME, RODDY
Killermont Street lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group