Backstabbers, Inc. — I Don't Care How Many Times You've Seen Fight Club, You Are Not Tyler Durden lyrics

Fucking nowhere. That's where this gets you. And if you don't believe me child then go and test it. Go and fucking try it. And once you're back at home, make sure you give me that call. I want to hear how many times you scream, "Farewell inspiration. Goodnight fucking life's blood." We all don't have that small screen luck where are problems are solved in a half an hour. We can't be this forever. Fuck you we can't. And in all our travels, as we walk past these trendfuck's sidewalks, it all boils down to the shit we claimed to hate. So now it's open arms and puckered lips. Another situation drama as this record fucking skips. We're moving fast. We're going nowhere.
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