Bad Company — Where I Belong lyrics

I'm making sure
Another late night drags on
Just one more drink
But you know I'm wrong
Sooner or later
When everyone's gone
You just shake your head
And take my hand

You seem to know what it takes me
Time to tell
But then you know me
Suprprises me how well
You make me an offer
That I can't refuse
Take my arm and walk away

Help me find my way home
Along this rocky road
'Cause I can't carry on
Will you head me to my bed
Ease my aching head
Take me where I belong

Sometimes you smile
At the clothes that I wear
You listen to reason
When I just don't care
It's bringing me down
Then I start to fall
You catch my heart
And I don't let it go


As I see you lay your head
I'm glad it's next to mine, mine, whoa

Won't you come on home

{Chorus} [2x]

Take me home
Take me home
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