Bathory — The Woodwoman lyrics

Resting by my fire.Looking deep into it's flames
My mind must have been somewhere else
Far beyond these plains
I am suddenly aware of a pair
Of eyes staring at me
I urn around and behold the most
Ugly thing I have seen
The woman standing in the glade
Like a shadow in the night
Points her wretched finger at me
With a wretched smile
And she asks me in a voice
That sound as if it`s been so long
Since she spoke,if I seek magic
Then I should come along
I`m but a man.Mortal a man.
But she leaves no footprins in the snow
Still I follow on to where she is going
For she has promised me magic if I follow on
She takes me to a part of these woods
Few have ever seen
Where the sun surely won`t reach
Still the ground ominously gleams
She says she`s seen is coming
And tha she known where I`ll go
But before I leave,she says
There is this one thing I should know
She offers me the ability
To take a fatal wound
Every cu by sword or spear will be
Absorded by her tree-womb
This magic will remain until it`s
Time for me to part with this mortal world
And all she`ll claim is my young heart
I`m but a man.Mortal a man.
And I`ll need all the help tha I can get
So I give my heart to the woman of the dark
With or without it... my life is not over yet
Wing of bat and lizzard eye
Dust of a star fallen from the sky
Tears of a virgin and the cum of a god
Thirteen drops of an infant`s blood
A twist of a cat`s spit and oil of the moon
Stir for a while a very soon
A salve to be applied upon the chest
Close to where the heart beats strong
"No pains will occur when hand is pushed into my flesh
She`ll slowly draw my living heart out of my open chest
She`ll place my heart in the pit of the snake and behold the years go by
Hers to keep from the moment when the time has come for me to die"
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Songwriters: QUORTHON
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