Berlin — Matter Of Time lyrics

So quickly time will come and time will go
It runs on by
You never know
It steals your hopes and dreams and one last chance
I can see it now

Saying come on now you've got to run
I can feel it's scolding hand

Erase your fate
You wonder can you stop the hands of time
He's laughing, knowing that he's got control
I can see it now
Just watch and wait
Telling me now you've got no time to waste
I can hear the whispered voice

It's a matter of time
It's just a matter of time

And you've got to see
There's no denying it's in your hands
You have the answer, you have the strength
It's in your hands

It's a matter of time..

Hoping dreaming still deceiving
Living breathing touching feeling
Searching finding losing crying
Know the truth you're dying
Oh you're dying
It's a matter of time..

Remember who you are and what you have
Your flame is burning down so guard it well
The time is yours
It may go out
I can see it now

Holding the answers to all your fears
I can see the end of time

It's a matter of time
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Songwriters: Theodore, Ali Dee / Howard, Sarai M
Matter Of Time lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.