Billy Falcon — This Burning Love lyrics

Yesterday I saw a picture
Hanging on the wall
You and me was laughing
Must of been a lifetime ago
When the sun was smiling
And the bluebird he sang
All we needed ws money
And all we had was time, time

Now I'm alone with
This burning love this breaking heart
These aching eyes
This burning love

Well the sun still shines without you
As far as most can see
But no one sees these shadows
That come to swallow me
And no matter where or who I'm with
I've got to run away
now I think I know how you left
There's nothing anyone can say
Just time


Somewhere time ran out on the bluebird's song
Last night walking down the hall
I could have sworn I heard you call
But you're not here
I'm all alone with


Staring out the window
At your favorite flowers
This burning love
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Songwriters: BILLY FALCON
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