Billy Squier — Sweet Release lyrics

Destiny's a road we ride
Sight unseen--our thoughts untried
Through the years--a million miles
A trial of errors--a life of trials
There's a sign along the highway
There's a candle by my bed
There's a face in the doorway
There's a price on my head

Sweet release...come in peace
Sweet release...won't you carry me on
Sweet falls increase
Sweet release...i'm not that strong

Sex machine will break you down
Strip you clean and take your crown
Wasted nights--rise and fall
One-way lights--they hide it all
Now I stand before the mirror
Hold the candle to my face
I can feel the scars burnin'
But they don't leave a trace

Sweet in peace
Sweet release...i toss and turn
Sweet release...come and teach me
Sweet release...we never learn

Black and white is black and red
None are right--but some are dead
Through every life the war drags on
Our hopes and dreams lie ripped and torn

Sweet release...give us peace
Sweet release...won't you carry me on
Sweet release...will it never cease
Sweet release...can't you see I'm not that strong
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Songwriters: BILLY SQUIER
Sweet Release lyrics © SPIRIT MUSIC GROUP