Black Ceezar — Bookside Park lyrics

I’m so excited life’s ignited
Nights is vibrant atleast the nights that I lived
Lights were brighter I resided
And then came the violence or maybe I just realized it
I saw what divides men
Money drugs pride and the privates
Of a female as I sit
I was asked yo who you gone ride wit
Pickin the wrong side to side wit could be homicidal murder rate climbing
Mothers is crying
Struggle got motherfucker tired of trying
People losing they lives trying live I ain’t lying
These concrete jungle got way too many lions
All of em roaring claim they Gs like Warren
Quick the blaze the piece instead of try to embrace the peace and quit the
Rent is soaring
Jobs ain’t paying
One day on the block I heard this old saying
These streets been fucked up since he was a kid
And the grass rarely grow over here
That’s life in the projects
Our lives are a project
They update the people like every five years
The financial backers have to ask em how the fuck can they survive why are
They still here
Ain’t shit changes from the Tuskegee days
Instead of givin of the disease they tale away
Finical stability and community centers
And send us
Government assistant options not to assist us to truly get back on our feet
But us dependent to they handouts running back and forth to them it’s like
Crack in the streets
And I’m back in the streets less excited
Trying to figure out just what my life is
Nights ain’t vibrant
Lights is quit dim
I’m starting to realize I’m just like them
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