Blackburn Fiona — Ca' The Yowes : Call The Ewes lyrics

Ca' the Yowes tae the knowes,
Ca' them where the heather growes,
Ca' them where the burnie rowes,
My bonnie dearie.
Hark, the mavis ev'nin' sang,
Soundin' Clouden's woods amang,
Then a fauldin' let us gang,
My bonnie dearie.
We'll gae down by Clouden side,
Thro' the hazels spreading wide,
O'er the waves that sweetly glide,
To the moon sae clearly.
Ghaist nor bogle shalt thou fear,
Thou'rt to love and heav'n sae dear,
Nocht o'ill may come thee near,
My bonnie dearie.
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