Blanks 77 — Sick lyrics

I need some new excitement
I need some thrills divine
Gonna get what I want
I'm gonna make it mine
Don't wanna go where you're goin'
Don't wanna do what you do
It's not there so i gotta create it
Gotta play my next move

And i'm sick
I'm so sick and tired
So tell me what I can do
When it's all been done before
These pills and thrills aren't working
They're not workin' anymore
But the kids out on the street
Don't really give a fuck
They're bitchin' all the time but they
Won't lend a helpin' hand


My future is uncertain
Don't know which path to take
Yesterday is just a day away
Tomorrow never comes my way
I'm gonna stop thinking about it
Actions speak louder then words
I won't just sit back
I won't sit back anymore and be sick

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