Bleach — Drive lyrics

120 db to blast your brain... Crusin' down the strip in
My Chevrolet... Ten below but I got the window down...
Cause I want the world to hear me rockin' out ~ I want
Them to get it good ~ I wanna wanna wanna Drive Drive
Drive... Saturday night and the streets alive... I wanna
Wanna wanna Drive Drive Drive... There's more I'll show
You more ~ This is more than just a weekend thing... Out
Every night to where the monsters sing... Righteous sounds
Pumping out my stereo... It's Jesus and my four wheel
Vaudeville show ~ I want them to get the goods ~ I ain't
Afraid of rockin' out... These super sounds are gonna
Knock you out... I ain't afraid of turnin' it up... I wanna
Show my Father's love...
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